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The first story in the series The adventures of Artie the Airplane and his Friends, chronicles Artie's humble beginnings at the Big Town airport and the daring rescue that brought him to become a full-time rescue plane. 
This book introduces Artie the Airplane, Jack the Jumbo and Frankie the Fighter.  
ISBN 1-891736-00-0
When the planes from the Big Town Airport vote to have their friend, Waldo W. Wing, represent them in the big race, they discover he had been cheating to win.  

The Big Race teaches our children about the consequences of cheating in a delightful story starring Artie the Airplane, Waldo W. Wing, Alister P. Airstream and Max Thrust.  

ISBN 1-891736-01-9
When Jack the Jumbo is away on a trip, he buys a present for his friend, but his friend doesn't appreciate it. In It's More Than Just A Scarf learn about what it really means to get a gift. 

"Scarf" stars Jack the Jumbo, Frankie the Fighter, Grampa Cubbie and of  course, Artie the Airplane.   

ISBN 1-891736-03-5
When a new plane shows up at the Big Town airport, the other jets think less of him because he looks different.  Wally the Widebody soon teaches everyone just how  wrong they are. 

You Can't Judge A Plane by Its Paint Job stars Wally the Widebody, Jack the Jumbo, Frankie the Fighter, Artie the Airplane and Superslim.  

ISBN 1-891736-02-7
Artie's cousin Piper "finds" things all the time. One day, she causes a very real problem when she takes something that doesn't belong to her.

I Didn't Think It Would Hurt Anyoneis a story about stealing. With Artie the Airplane, Piper, Alice the Air Ambulance and Pete the Patrol Car  

ISBN 1-891736-04-3
It's a very stormy Christmas Eve when Artie the Airplane gets a call from the North Pole. The Year Artie Saved Christmas is a delightful, entertaining holiday story the whole family will enjoy. 
ISBN 1-891736-05-1
Fearing that no one will like him if he doesn't show off, Barthomew soon learns the perils of working too hard to impress your friends.  Bartholomew t. Barnstormer, a flashy, colorful aerobatic plane belives he must do crazy stunts to make others like him. 

Learn that it's who you are, not what you do that matters in Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!   

ISBN 1-891736-07-8
When Frankie finds himself spending more and more time alone and missing out on having fun with his friends, he sets out on a mission to find out why. 

Learn along with Frankie why cleaning up after yourself is more important than he thought it was in Clean Up That Mess!.  

ISBN 1-891736-11-6
Artie the Airplane and the swashbuckling Eduardo the Explorer take off on an exciting journey to find the lost city described on an ancient map. 

Fly along with them as they learn about cultural diversity and the importance of teamwork and perseverance in The Lost City.  

ISBN 1-891736-10-8
A ghost, a pirate, and a plane that looks like Zorro take off on a Halloween adventure that tells a story of friendship, safety, and sharing.  

Join Artie, Frankie and Jack along with a whole, fun cast of 
costumed characters in Trick Or Treat.  

ISBN 1-891736-09-4
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